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Disc Fighters is a party game to play when you and your friends are sitting at the same computer! Shoot discs with an aim that is constantly moving around your character while dodging other discs with boosts!

NOTICE! The game is not meant to be played by only 1 player.

THE CONTROLS MAY NEED TO BE RESET! Make sure to click "Reset to Default" in the controls menu if players can't join.

This game is the first i've uploaded to the web and was made in 2 weeks during my spare time as i was studying. Please give feedback on the game. :)


Game by Jacob Eriksson (jacob7798.newgrounds.com)

Music by BlazeJcy (blazejcy.newgrounds.com)

Logo by Viktor

If you want to contact Viktor you can do so by sending me (Jacob7798) a PM.

I also want to thank my friend Emil who gave me some ideas for the game.

The default controls are:

Player 1:

Movement: 3WER

Shoot: 1

Boost: 2

Player 2:

Movement: IJKL

Shoot: O

Boost: P

Player 3:

Movement: DXCV

Shoot: B

Boost: N

Player 4:

Movement: Arrow keys

Shoot: Enter/Return key

Boost: Backspace

The controls can also be reconfigured at the controls menu!